Cabinets Renewed in Fairfax County

Fairfax County CabinetsYou know what is easy and hard?


Cabinets are perfect for renovations because that can be easy to update or they can be hard to replace. It depends upon what you are trying to do in your kitchen.

Case 1: You like your kitchen. The flow is good. The appliances work. It is where you and the family are comfortable. But you have had those cabinets for the last many years. Brightening up the kitchen would be nice. You call your contractor, you tell him where you stand and you talk about your budget. He suggests something easy. He will take the cabinet doors off, whisk them out of the house, strip, sand, and repaint or stain the doors to add accent to the kitchen. Changing the door hardware is a bonus and adds a newly installed look.

Case 2: You still like your kitchen. The flow works. The appliances have upstaged your cabinets. Call your contractor. Tell him about your kitchen with its unbalanced feel of panels and stainless. He listens and makes a few suggestions. Pull the doors. Put up new doors in a different style or color. Or – take the old doors, cut out the panels and replace them with glass or tin sheets. Make the cabinets support the appliances or counters or floor that dominates the room. Now the entire room works together on a single theme. This costs a little more than Case 1.

Case 3: You like your family. You are not so sure about your kitchen. The cabinets don’t work for you – too dark, too deep, in the wrong place, doors block access to the stove, or you can’t find anything. Call your Fairfax County cabinet contractor. Tell him of your woe. Tell him of your need to flow the kitchen so you can live and work in there. Tell him the truth. He is going to tell you that he can change them all out, change the sizes, put in slides, and make the cabinets work for you. He is telling you the truth, but it will cost more and you have to want to make the change.

Some of these decisions depend upon your budget, some upon how long you plan to live with the new kitchen. But it really depends upon what you want and how well you can work in partnership with your contractor to make it happen.

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