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Alexandria Kitchen SinksWe are talking about upgrading sinks in your Alexandria home to add value to your kitchen and to add value to your time in the kitchen. If you ask anybody – cook, dishwasher, or spouse, nobody likes spending any more time at the kitchen sinks than they have to.

Making kitchen sinks ergonomic is really important and really easy. But you have to plan your kitchen sink and you might need help to determine if there is already a solution to your dream. Sinks should be at a comfortable height for you to work at and not be so deep that it hurts your back to get to the bottom. Your counters should already be at a comfortable height for you. If they are not, come back to this discussion after you get your work surfaces where they need to be. If you can’t drop your counters, you can have your sink lower than the counters, or you can build in a level in front of the sink that meets your needs. Also try to find a sink that is as deep as your biggest pot that you will hand wash, and wide enough to get that pot in the water sideways. Don’t go get your deep steamer that you use once a year, but use that spaghetti pot that shows up every Friday night. Also consider whether you need one sink or two sinks side by side. Two sinks give you flexibility when you are washing and rinsing at the same time.

Part of ergonomics is cleaning kitchen sinks. There are three major kitchen sinks that we see in this area – stainless steel, ceramic, and soapstone. There are other types, but they are basic variations on this theme. The stainless steel is light weight, takes a beating, but scratches, and can be hard to clean with some of minerals in our local water. The ceramic sink is heavier, is usually white, is easier to clean, but if you drop something really heavy into it, the surface can crack. The soapstone is a natural material, usually grey and is assembled of 5 pieces or more of flat pieces of soapstone. The corners can be a little tricky to keep clean. Now, we are overlooking one major trend – cast sinks of fiberglass and other man-made materials. They have their place and their utility. We really recommend a designer to help with this choice.

There are whole companies dedicated to the manufacture of sinks. Look around at what works for your friends and in particular note what doesn’t work for them – or you. Keep track of the choices and it will help you to design what you want. There are lots of choices and it is not like it is “sink or swim”.

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