Architect or Designer: Remodeling Your Northern Virginia Kitchen

Northern Virginia Kitchen Remodeling

Who should help you with the planning and design of your Northern Virginia kitchen remodeling project? Do you need an architect or a kitchen designer for your remodel? In short, this depends on your preferences, your competence to create your design, the professionals available in North Virginia and the extent of the remodel.

In general an addition or extension of an existing kitchen or a very significant change in the layout of your kitchen might suggest hiring an architect. If you are planning major changes that include extending your kitchen beyond the existing foundation, if you are planning major changes to interior or exterior walls, or if you are planning major changes in the amount of weight in the kitchen or the placement of plumbing, an architect is probably a good choice for your project. Architects are trained to create designs that are structurally sound and that meet local building codes. Architects will take your ideas about what you want and create the architectural drawings that will bring your ideas to life. At the same time, they will create the plans for the remodeling project that will blend with the style and design of the rest of the house and support its structural integrity.

If you are not planning a major extension of the room or a change that involves load-bearing walls, you might choose to hire a Certified Kitchen Designer. These professionals are trained in kitchen design and layout, kitchen equipment and materials, wiring and plumbing. Certified Kitchen Designers can help you create a functional and attractive kitchen design and work with any needed changes in plumbing, wiring, and choices of the best materials and equipment for your needs. If your goal in remodeling your kitchen is to work with the existing space and to work with changes to non-load-bearing walls, a Certified Kitchen Designer will be able to help you with all aspects of your North Virginia kitchen remodel.

Many people find that their remodeling project goes smoother if they bring in a professional to help with the architectural and design aspects of the project. These professionals can help you combine function, accessibility and beauty in your kitchen remodel. Once you decide on the extent of your North Virginia kitchen remodel and how much structural change is involved, you will be able to make a decision about whether to hire an architect or a certified kitchen designer.

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