Counter Revolutionary Virginia Counter tops

Virginia CountertopsWhen you bought your house, odds are strong that you purchased a kitchen with “Builder Grade” counter tops. Formica or plastic based, they look good initially, come in multiple colors and are mass – produced. Eventually the color will fade, they may chip, or that Thanksgiving Day hot pan outline is permanently imprinted on the surface by the stove. It becomes time to replace, renovate, or upgrade that counter top.

It used to be that the counter top was just that – a counter top. Now it is a work surface, a statement, a way to bring design and color into the kitchen. The improved materials are changing our ability to work with a kitchen designer to customize your experience. Durability has been improved as well. Counters last longer. The color is as deep as the counter and the strength goes all the way down.

There are two very popular choices for counter tops: Natural Stone and Man-made materials. The natural stones; including granite, limestone, marble, and travertine (just to name a few); are beautiful and come in a myriad of colors. They have large variabilities in their tones and are often layered or have bands of different colors. You have to go and actually pick the individual piece that you want. It can sometimes be difficult to visually transfer the stone that you see in the mason’s yard to how it will appear in your kitchen. It is important to rely upon your designer’s experience in this case. Man-made stone is made up of natural materials (stone) that is bound together with man-made binders. It is more uniform in color and comes in a variety of thicknesses, widths and lengths. It is more predictable to work with. It can be easier to care for. We still recommend a designer for optimal results.

The costs depend upon the type of stone, the area of your counters, the complexity of your fit, and the amount of labor required to install the counter top. A good counter tops designer can find the sweet spot between cost and practicality, while preserving your vision. Whatever choice you make, will be your choice and puts your signature on your kitchen renovation.

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