Kitchen Windows in Sunny Virginia

Virginia Kitchen WindowsKitchens are central.

We put everything that can fit in there. Stove, oven, refrigerator, sinks, cabinets, telephone, little Tvs… That fills up the room and the walls. Usually you get a window over the sink, but that seems to be an afterthought for most architects. So they put in lots of little overhead lights and they try to mimic the outside light. It is still artificial light. The push for food is natural and organic, so why not try to get more natural light into the kitchen to lighten space?

It’s really hard to make the kitchen windows bigger. There are cabinets that fix the size of the window left and right. Up and down are tough because the sink is the right height for you to work at (if it isn’t, we need to talk further) and the ceiling in the kitchen is usually fixed. But, you can push the window out. The window can become a bay with space behind the sink. Now you have 50% more glass that brings light in from the sides and the front. You can put cool window treatments around the extra glass that brings the flow of the house windows into the kitchen. You can put plants on the new area behind the sink and seem to bring the outdoor greenery through the glass from the yard.

Another thing that you can do is to add a skylight to your kitchen and bring light directly in from the ceiling. It brings natural light straight in and is energy efficient. Oops – Kyle’s room is over the kitchen. You won’t be cutting a hole in his floor for kitchen light. But there is a clever thing called a “light tube” that ducts light into a space. Just as a furnace or air conditioner ducts hot or cold air into a room through ducts, a light duct collects light from outside and reflects it into the kitchen. It is very energy efficient and puts real light into a space where it has been missing.

So talk to your kitchen windows contractor and see how you can get more light on your subject.

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