North Virginia Home on the Range

North Virginia Oven RangeThe original use of a kitchen is cooking. Now the family spends time there eating, entertaining, and doing homework. But the heart of the kitchen is cooking food. The Oven Range is heart of cooking. It is one the items that renovations are designed around. The range is the rock that sets the tone for the rest of the kitchen.

First- Gas or Electric? If you have access to natural gas, it is the choice of many chefs. Electric is quick to start and has no combustion. There are even hybrids with gas cook tops and electric ovens. Gas and Electric have their own proponents; you should get what you want. The cook tops now have lots of options including things like grates that hold woks. The ovens have options that include temperature probes and convection cooking that claims to cook food faster and more evenly. There are even ranges that have microwave drawers to give you all three cooking methods in a single box.

There are drawbacks to the different range options. If you drop a pot on a glass electric cook top, it can break. Cleaning can be more difficult for a gas surface. If you have an option, gas has been cheaper in the last decade than electricity.

And the biggest option is color. Stainless steel is popular, but harder to clean. What porcelain is easy to clean. Don’t ask about Harvest Gold or Avocado please…

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