Renovation in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia Kitchen RenovationRenovation. It’s a great word. It sounds like Renewal. Refresh.

It’s what we do when you have outgrown a space or want to re-purpose it to meet your new goals and needs. You renovate a kitchen or a bathroom. They are the best value in return on investment. They are the rooms with the most “stuff” in them. Yeah, a living room has a TV or a Flat screen or a stereo, but when you make a change there, it is usually furniture or paint of flooring. When you update a kitchen, you change the house. You can change color, shape, appliances, work flow, and the energy of a house. When you have a party, where does everybody end up? The kitchen. Kitchens are the center of a home. We start there with coffee, get the family together to eat, and review the day.

Kitchen renovations are the stuff that dreams are made of. Those House and Home Magazines show you the latest trends, colors, and stuff that goes into kitchens. Those guys have infinite budgets and access to the newest stuff before it hits the shelves. They have designers who want to make it a centerpiece of their portfolio.

When you plan a renovation, you are dreaming about what your ideal kitchen will look like. You want to make it a place where you are comfortable and actually want to cook and eat. You want everything, and you want it now. Then – reality sets in. The stuff in the magazine has not hit the market yet. The design that you saw is much bigger than your kitchen space. All that custom stuff costs more than you thought. All of a sudden, the dreams get dim.

Enter the Northern Virginia Renovation Contractor. His job is to listen to what you want. His job is to help you find what you need. His job is to get it done within your budget. Not Superman, but Supervisor. The contractor may have a few tricks that make things happen or ideas or needs that you haven’t considered. An established contractor has to be doing something right, or they wouldn’t be working this long through this many economic cycles. So talk to your contractor, tell him what you want, and have him tell you what he hears that you want and how he thinks that he can do it. If you don’t like what you hear – take your dreams to another contractor. You’ll both be happier in the long run.

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