Why Choose Us as your Virginia Kitchen Remodeler

As you consider choosing the right Virginia Kitchen remodeling contractor,  keep a few of the following facts in mind:

    Norther Virginia Kitchen Remodeling Company
  1. Most contractors (89% ) don't last more than 5 years in the business.  Many contractors fail in the first year of business (75%)
    Enterprise Contracting has been in business here in Virginia for over 26 years. 
  2. Most contractors offer a one year warranty. Enterprise contracting offers a written five year warranty. Of course some other builders offer the same thing but they have to be in business for it to be worth something.
  3. A five year warranty is meaningless without the offering firm still being in business. How long has the other firm been in business?
    We have been in business for over 26 years.
  4. The law requires that firms of three people or more have workers compensation insurance. I have full workers compensation insurance.
    Do the other firms you are talking to have it?  Do you know what happens if someone gets hurt in your home and they don’t have workers comp insurance?
  5. Have you determined that the other firms that you are considering have high limits on their liability insurance?  
    Your home is valuable, you should check the limits of each respective policy. Each should have at least a 1,000,000.00 limit. Enterprise contracting maintains a policy with over 2,000,000.00 of coverage. 
  6. How does the builder assist you in picking out materials?
    We have an in house interior design specialist that will assist you in all phases of the selection process. Most firms simply give you a list of vendors and wish you luck. This is especially important when a kitchen is involved.
  7. Does the other firm have a written change order policy?
    Change orders can cost an enormous amount of money.  Many firms will low ball an estimate to get a job and then mark up changeovers to make up the  diifference.  We have specific written guidelines for all change orders. Your written approval is required for all change orders.
  8. Have you checked on the better business bureau or the department of consumer affairs as to the record of complaints with the firm?
    We are proud of our unblemished record with these organizations.
  9. Has the competing firm offered to have the project management team stop by and meet you?
    Let us know the time you are available and the whole team will stop by.
  10. Does the other firm use secure lock boxes and specially keyed locks for security?
    At Enterprise each job is set up this way.
  11. Is the competing firm confident enough in their ability to deliver the project on time that they are willing to offer a penalty clause with liquidated damages? AS far as I know I am the only area firm who does this.

Only part of what you are buying is  the labor and materials. This makes an apples to apples comparison truly difficult.

Work with us and we will deliver this project to you in a first class way, on schedule and on budget.

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